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Dienstag, 13. März 2018

Give ma a tousend of tousend....ideas

The biggest Problem is, to work on so much projects. Last time i sort my workbench. There are some pics about.

Next step, i have to sort the Projects...

The Oil Mill....

In the left the Rifles

Some archaeological stuff...

Reinforcement for the Hussars in Sudan...

11the Hussars in Charge...

an ruin..i think i will made an red cross post..

And some Little Projects on the table...

Have a good week!

Freitag, 16. Februar 2018

Mardan or Suakin?

A Suakin Gate Sketch
Now I've ransacked myself: miniatures by Perry Miniatures, Copplestone, Old Games, Castaway Arts and so on. The base plate of my diorama will form a game board of Games Workshop.

In the summer of last year, I started with wall segments and the main gate. The basic colors are available. My drawing, I apologize, is not really good. but she will give a picture of what I intend to do.

I'm still not really sure if I'll show Suakin in Africa or Mardan in North India.
Both cities have to do with the Corps of Guides, insofar as the Suakin was the base of the guides during the Sudan campaign and Mardan actually the headquarters.

What do you think?

May the Great Builder of all worlds guide your way.

The Mardan Gate


Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

Re-Start with Perry Miniatures

Hi Guys,

as often, the private life is a life with many several and special situations. So in my life the last month ago. I suppose, that much of you have the same Problems.

Now i have start my British army with Perry Twins Minis. Some from Artizan and a Little part of conversions of the minis.

In sommer last year, I start do build an City/Village of India or Sudan (Suakin). So first time I made an Little stop with the buildings and start to great the british Colonials for this. There are two pics about the work.

Even so i start to read some books. One about Rudolf Carl Slatin and the famous novel "the four feathers" from A.W. Mason.

And, last but not least, i have a new section on the blog, on which you can see which game I currently play on the PC.

Have a nice week all over the world!

May the great builder of all worlds guide you.

Count of Wittgensteyn
Lord of the Manor, of Roscommen and Tattingstone

Sonntag, 19. November 2017

Greetings from Scotland

Hi guys!

Some nice greetings from me, my wife and Scotland!

Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Indian/Sudanese (Mardan/Suakin) Diorama

The last few days were very sunny so I had the opportunity to start with my diorama project. The plan I made myself was a market scene at a palace or city gate of an Indian or Sudanese city under British occupation.

More in the next weeks
So Long

Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

Dillenburg - an old hessian City

The year 2017 started for me very turbulently. To come down again,  my favorite is to visit some of the special places in Germany, especially historically.

In doing so and I have already found very quickly, which alone in the vicinity of my home, a multitude of these places are waiting for me.

As a child you were there already ... but now, almost 40 years later, it is a completely different, special pleasure.
My first way gones to the hessian City of Dillenburg....

A Special experience was the so called "Wilhelmsturm (Wilhelmstower)"
The was the place where Wilhelm of Orange cames from.


Dillenburg had its first documentary mention in 1254. Dillenburg was the ancestral seat of the Orange branch of the House of Nassau. Dillenburg Castle was built on top of the peak now called the Schlossberg in the late 13th or early 14th century. There are no pictures of this castle, however, as it was wooden, and was destroyed in the Dernbacher Feud.
From his stately home in exile, William I of Orange-Nassau, who was born in Dillenburg, organized the Dutch resistance against Spain (1567–1572), which still occasions regular Dutch royal visits to the town to this day. The land was administered by the presidents of the House of Nassau-Dillenburg. One of the last presidents was Georg Ernst Ludwig Freiherr von Preuschen von und zu Liebenstein (born 1727 in Diethardt; died 1794 in Bad Ems). In the Seven Years' War, the stately home was destroyed (1760), and Wilhelmstraße (a street) was built out of the remains.
In 1797, one of the earliest schools of forestry in Europe, founded a decade earlier at Hungen by Georg Ludwig Hartig, was moved to Dillenburg. It continued in Dillenburg until 1805, when Hartig lost his position as Inspector of Forests for the Prince of Orange-Nassau, when the principality was dissolved by Napoleon.
In 1875, the Wilhelmsturm (tower), views from which can be seen in this article, was completed on the Schlossberg. It is today the town's landmark. The "casemates" under the former stately home are among the biggest defensive works in Europe. They have been partly excavated and may be toured.
In the 19th century came the Industrial Revolution with the building of the Deutz–Gießen railway and the use of iron ore found on the Lahn, Dill and Sieg. Many mines, foundries and metalworking operations came into being in the region. In this time, many railway branchlines were built from Dillenburg to, among other places, Gönnern and Ewersbach. These lines have all been abandoned now. The line to Gönnern was abandoned in 1987 and torn up. The railway depot, so useful in the time of steam traction, was shut down in 1983.
In the Second World War, Dillenburg became a target of Allied attacks due to its marshalling yard. In later years that yard was closed and ore mining became ever less profitable and in 1968, the last blast furnace, in Oberscheld, ceased operations.
Dillenburg Wikipedia

It was a great day in my life.
So Long,
Gordon (D.V.)

10th Bengal Lancers finished

Hi Guys,
befor i start to finish the Lancers für my britisch colonial army between 1870 and 1918 i beginn to Modell some old bretonian Minis to an own Knightstroop.  There are the pics. The Lord of my Knights is the old standardbeaerer fromn first bretonian Edition and the Horse of an Chaos Knight.

The Beginning of ReColouring....

After that work, i try to start with Lt. Colonel Dudley and his Friends, the Gordon Relief Expedition and the Zuluwar and the Frontier and and and......

On the left there are the Dragoons, on the Right the Bengal Lancers (Corps of Guides) in the middel and Heliograph Section and some Officers.

Dudley and his Friends from Archaelos Club No. 9

Some Hussars and in the sunny sun and Bases to do...