Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [9]

And the other one...

the Lance corporal... 

the master of the horse

and my little sweet heart...

Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [8]

Some pictures of the finished unit....

one of the Horsemen

the standardbearer

Montag, 26. März 2012

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [7]

There are the brave men from the heavy brigade...

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [6]

And the ready Unit..... 

There are the two Squads of the Heavy Cavalry Brigade - 20th Praetorian

The 2nd Ekbatan Dragoons (left) and the 18th Attila Hunters (right)

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [5]

Some new pics from the Workbench....

Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [4]

Some pics from the heavy dragoons.....

  1.  Sergeant Konredion at the left, and a horse at the right.

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

The Choosenmen of 20th Praetoria - The Black Watch [1]

There are the choosenmen of the 20th Praetoria, called the "Black Watch". There are two Squads of special forces and veterans of the Regiment. They have similar some special equipment and weapons. I use them as an 3rd Platoon of Regiment, an Special Task Command Force ore as old veterans. There are the pics of the first Squad.

"The 1st Black Watch"
Drum-Major and Company Sergeant Major
The "Regimental Butcher",  a Colour Sergeant and the Squad Sniper 
The Lieutenant (count as Sergeant) 1st Squad

Samstag, 17. März 2012

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [3]

Some new pics....

The Master of the Horse (Lieutenant)

Thats the ready unit

Freitag, 16. März 2012

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [2]

And some more...

2nd Ekbatan Dragoons [1]

There are some pics of my first modells...

More pics coming soon. What do you think about ?

Mittwoch, 14. März 2012

New Units - Reinforcemends

Did you remember this guy ?

Yes, the Knight Sergeant Konredion from 2nd Ekbatan Dragoons, now in the penal legion of the Regiment.

Some time ago I put together my penal legion. It is almost exclusively the remains of other boxes and models that I wanted as their own characters, a kind of "Schaefers 13th Penal Legion" lead.

Today I remembered some old knights of the King of Bretonnia have to be.
Let yourself be surprised. In the next few days, come the photos.

Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Master Leonidas - an Old secret Veteran

What´s behind the box ?
No Dark Angels.
No Deathwatch.

But, what ?

Montag, 12. März 2012

Command Tank - Chimera

This chimera tank was painted in a camouflage-like as the Valkyrie. It is the command vehicle for the general staff, the regimental headquarters or the command platoon of the battalion (as equivalent to the command of the platoon from the company Codex: Imperial Guard) or command of the platoon.

It also symbolizes the banner, namely, it shows the badge of Delihan Field Force in this sector.

Freitag, 9. März 2012

Second Squad - PSO

There are some Troopers from the Corps of Guide ....
On the right, the finished Squad, on the left the second one.

New pics, coming soon.

Reinforcemend to the fleet

 Here is the first new recruits: two battle cruisers of the Mars class, as a direct escort vessels for the Royal Oak.

Further down you can see my military station. A colony of Deep Space Conquest.

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

The Lord General report´s

His Excellency Lord General Gordon was kind enough to give the Praetorian war correspondent Lieutenant Rupert Worseley a short interview. The exact wording of the call is billed to the interested reader now, after looking through the Commissariat available.

Lieutenant Worseley: My Lord, I thank them for the interview.
Lord Gordon: But please, do not bother.
Lieutenant Worseley: My lord, they give us a brief summary of the arguments about Calandra. Meanwhile, one speaks also of the Battle of Calandra?
Lord Gordon (laughing): Of course, the Battle of Calandra. The men are always very imaginative. Very well....
On the night of the 12th the Praetorian Corps formed an encampment, not far from the Mahdi`s positions. From around 1 o'clock until dawn, Mahdist riflemen approached the camp and opened fire, but their shooting was imprecise, and they inflicted few casualties.
Lieutenant Worseley: Permit an intermediate question, my lord?
Lord Gordon: Of course, please.
L.W.: Did my lord, already, that Calandra was under siege?
L.G.: Not really. We suspected that something was not right, because there is no more news came through, no communication was possible. So I had Colonel Sheppard and the 114th Hussars in march set. Lord Peter again sat with the bulk of the 20 Praetoria at Khalafan over and took back the ford.
L.W.: It is said that Colonel Wimsay ....
L.G.: I think it will be allowed to publish that we are talking about Major General Lord Wimsay.
L.W.: This is exciting! I would like to express my appreciation of his Lordship expressed.
L.G. (chuckling): I'll tell it.
L.W.: It is said that Major General Wimsay the assault at the top of the 1st Battalion led himself?
L.G.: That is correct. The 20th Praetoria has earned that day, a new Battle Honour.
L.W.: How did the debate continue?
L.G.: At dawn, the artillery was brought to bear against the Mahdist skirmishers and they were driven back. The infantry (which included the Black Watch) then formed into two infantry squares each of brigade-size and advanced. One square was commanded by Major Ross, with Lieutenant General The Viscount Sidmouth and the other by Captain C. Buller. A scouting party discovered that the main body of the Mahdist force was hidden in a nearby ravine, whereupon The Viscount Sidmouth ordered the 2nd Black Watch to charge, leaving a wide gap where they had been stationed in one of the squares. A sudden onslaught of Mahdists rushed into this gap. Finding themselves in danger of being cut off, the Praetorian Forces units fell back in disarray.
L.W.: Inventory risk for the Corps?
L.G.: At this time no longer. The Praetorian special unit of the Black Watch, had their act well calculated. Furthermore, it was Viscount Sidmouth possible to close the gap by withdrawing.
The Mahdist advance was halted by volleys from the other (Buller's) square which had survived the attack and by dismounted cavalry units that had not been engaged until then. The concentrated flanking fire they inflicted caused huge casualties among the Mahdists, who were forced to retreat.
The 114th Hussars then reformed, and resumed their advance, driving the shaken Mahdists out of the ravine and inflicting more casualties on them as they fled. There desert camp was captured later that day, but the chief of them, Cemal Digma escaped.
L.W.: I thank your lordship for the short report and hope that the fighting can be immediately taken into a new phase, to finally bring peace to Indira IV and Deliha Sector.
L.G.: It was my pleasure, Lieutenant.

The interview was conducted in the evening after the return of the 20th Praetorian regiment after Kahnadrapur.

Dienstag, 6. März 2012

To do List 2012 - [1]

GSM Stuart Tyron Dax, POM, OPE
So, some things in the upcoming months pending tinker:

- The second task force
- The two warships as escort for the Royal Oak
- The Corps of Guides to the delihan parts
- Number of vehicle options
- Photo background of the palace entrance of Khandrapur

Whether the occasion is a couple of special characters to build, buy or paint that are based on the novel savannah wind, I was not looking.

Chief Inspectors and Whisky [OOC]

I finally want to start with a topic that has less to do with 40K and tabletop, but the British Empire and the kingdom today it symbolizes for me.
a bottle Talisker - 10 years

In the Topic series "whisky" I present you one of my favorites before. Actually, it is THE favorite bad way for me. A bottle does not last long full, even if I try to be careful, the enjoyment of a Talisker Drams (please pronounce Gaelic!) something special.
As I did last night, a novel by Elizabeth George in my hand, waiting for that new episode of Midsomer Murders begins on television, I was thinking about this genre TV cop.

DCI Tom Barnaby - Cousten CID
(John Nettles)

Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. The master of his craft. John Nettles already knows how wonderful to embody this prototype of a criminologist for many years, who with wit and a touch of typical triggers, English calmness in their cases meticulous follow, without letting it lacks the necessary seriousness, of a royal official in the today is still good to see.
How do I love the moments when his sergeant (whether Troy, Scott or Jones, and the latter was the best DS!) With an open mouth of a honest and listen to the outside worn incomprehensibility of the solution of the case by her superiors almost reverently.

Cheers, Mr. Barnaby!

DI Thomas Lynley - Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard)
(Nathaniel Parker)
In a sense it as similar and yet very different, arises from the aristocratic Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley. The character is more fraught with himself and his own problems and seek to find a distraction in the work (other than Barnaby, which you would like to ask sometimes, the work is his hobby). It Lynley is not necessarily a great detective (often more cases were solved by his DS Havers), subject to more constraints and traditions for fighting in the interior but with the sense of justice and the fine feeling for the right conclusion.

Lynley himself wins a draft, which sometimes threatens to divert attention from the crimes to be solved, but an incredibly good character,
the look has to be given Nathaniel Parker. 
Where Barnaby looks like Mr. Clean and Lynley as an emotional wreck, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther presents itself as a stark contrast.
Through his emotional inner conflict, his unorthodox method, and not too respectful way, which is a mixture of aggression, madness turns paired with self-hatred and intuitive passion made ​​it for himself but also the people with him often operate a hazardous.

DCI John Luther - Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard)
(Idris Elba)

Like Lynley, a serious character, but his error does not seek to hide. Idris Elba manages impressively to breathe this life and character of a face.

Oh, there are so many .... Morse, Lewis, Gently ..... let's see, when I had time to chat over whiskey and inspectors again.