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Montag, 5. März 2012

New Blog Theme - A brief history of Garrisson Sergeant Major, HQ Deliha Sector

GSM Stuart Tyron Dax POM, OPE
Hi Guys,

after a long winter break, I hope again by and by my blog and the 20th Praetoria to enter. It will start with the blog that I "clean up" a bit like. Some topics are outdated and confusing, while others no longer fit again.

The new collection thread will read: "A brief history of Garrison Sergeant Major, HQ Delihan Sector". It will be off topics, short stories and fictional news reports from the Sector Deliha find again.

Even the stand at my counter and the remaining figures to be painted, I'm blogging less.

In this sense,
So Long

Lord Gordon

PS: To identify, for every post the picture of the Garrison Sergeant Major.

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