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Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

absence, the fight and a big, black time hole

Do you know that?

Time flies faster than you think do.

nothing has become reality of what you have planned.

Other, more important commitments take their toll and

the material of the hobby in the basement gathering dust .....

The fact is that I read again and again on your blogs and see what you all have created.

Whether Klaus, not Santa or Colonel Scipio and many many more ...
hope to find the time until the end of the year ... so far.

All the best!

Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Hello people,

sorry for the long absence. But I was sick, and I have some medical examinations before me.

But I hope to be back here and post to me to share with you.

so Long

here is a little preview .....

Freitag, 19. April 2013

Sherlock Holmes and more Detectives - Part I

One of my favorite detectives is of course the one and only Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Together with his friend, Dr. Watson, he has not only accompanied the days of my youth, but is also always a welcome guest on my TV.

Recently, numerous remakes flicker on the TV. Such series as Elementary resort to the topic and move it into the modern New York. Personaly, I find this series as very nice and entertaining, although I can not really get in touch with Sherlock Holmes.

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law for me become a successful succession couple of heroes of the past who have dared to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's master dedektiv theme.
The movies satisfy the demand of time, without deviating too much from the original, in terms of principles.

Nevertheless, the hero of my youth is Jeremy Brett, with David Burke and Edward Hartwick. No one could so well to interpret the role of the man as he was. The structure of the series, the costumes and the attention to detail that impressed me time and again and still do today.

The cases were build as close as possible to the original novel and the English humor used repeatedly as a hanger.

I tip my hat to Mr. Brett and his two companions, both have shown in their own way, but really convincing Dr. Watson.

David Burke, the only remaining survivors, found in a recent series Midsomer Murders once again my respect as a character actor and as chief of Chief Inspector Lynley, he appeared to me also once as a "villain". However, in the first season of Sherlock Holmes, he put the absolute clean man, John Watson.

Edward Hartwick was different, however. He was less dreamy, less a clean man, but more the conscience and the "big brother", when Holmes ansetzte to new escapades. It was he who gave his face in all the other films and single Seasons Watson. It was very exciting, and still today, to see these two actors in the interaction.

A new union could now be managed with the BBC's Sherlock. More exciting and closer to the original in terms of people, but also with the selection of actors Benedict Cumberpatch and Mr. Bilbo Baggins, Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Ii is piquant that the BBC use music genre of the movie with Downey and Law served, also otherwise very daring at this kind of interaction between Holmes and Watson. I can still get a clear picture of two actors in this role, but it's fun to track them.

The first of me. If you like what i wrote, talk to me. Maybe your opinion about Mr. Sherlock Holmes or other detective? Is there one that I should write about ?

So long, Gordon

Sonntag, 7. April 2013

LoTR - Update

Hi guys,

in the shortest time .... an little working update.

I have change the armes of two gondor guardsman with the royal guard of rohan langswords..

there you can see the different.

Cirion and Cirdan...

Short eye of the workbench....


First colours.....

Finished Cirdan.....

Steward Cirion and his guard....

Gil-Galad, Cirdan and Elrond

Hm.....this new O`shova.......awesome .....

Dienstag, 19. März 2013

New Blog Rules and Role

Hello my friends all over the world wide web !

Just as you can see, the blog has changed a bit. In fact, I will discuss more topics.
Introduction to each topic, there will be a certain image, to see what it's about.

In all that relates to the Praetorian 20th Regiment, it will be this here:
It shows you the Garrison Sergeant Majoar of the 20th Praetorian Field Headquarter at Deliha Prime.

All things, that relate my work at the Rohirrim and the Lord of the Rings, will be this:

And all other things, like the Book Reviews or my idea to some good whiskys show you this:

At this time, this are the news.....i hope you enjoy my blog in future.

Greetings and so long,

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Book review [1] - Oliver Henkel, "The journey of the Leviathan"

Besides the painting of figures, whether Warhammer 40K or Lord of the Rings, I will show you on my reading habits and Book preferences in this blog.

I want to start with a German Author: Oliver Henkel. He caught my attention already 10 years ago with his alternate reality novel "Emperor's Day" (in german: Kaisertag).
I'll come back later, maybe even on this book. Today I want to talk. About "The journey of the Leviathan" (In the original german: "Die Fahrt des Leviathan"), his latest work.
Basically Oliver Henkel writes always stories set in alternate timelines and historical development. The journey of the Leviathan there is no exception.

Summary of the book:

Wilhelm Pfeyfer, Major and Commander of the Military Security Detachment in the capital of Prussia only American province Carolina, the former South Carolina, is used to solve a case which is so not just his position:

The "SS Great Eastern", is the largest ship of its time. It touches on a rock and sprung a leak, and this all with the Prussian King on board - an assassination attempt?

Pfeyfer and the ship caught in the confusion of the Civil War. The northern states have further more effort to bring the insurgents back into the Union, as they would like.
The Confederate slave states on the other hand suffer without the usual export of cotton and Tabal great hardship
Because an obscure representative of a European country offers against complacency and to supply the southern equipment and weapons. The GReat Eastern comes as a transport ship at the right time. Fate seems to lean in favor of the South .........

My personal conclusion:

Oliver Henkel combines usually something criminological and espionage history with his works. The journey of the Leviathan is no exception of this.

The protagonist, Major Pfeyfer seems so prussian that makes it a fun provide him with all the clichés. The subtle and witty in the matter, is the fact that he is a dark-skinned Prussian officer.

If you like westerns of yesterday and southern epics, who would fell this book, mainly because Henkel strives to use many aspects, just as the slavery and the struggle against it, Prussian history and social classes, and the fact that between Prussia at that time and the confederate southern states gave only marginal differences.

Even the feminist aspect is not neglected. Sun one encounters the first female free spirits that time and just the atmosphere of this American Prussian province enhance the effect.

All in all, very well managed, I think. But, that's my opinion. If you're curious now, and not shy away from the money, you make your own image.

Like his other books also, I really like this book and I would recommend it.
If you want to see more:

Greetings in the Modelling World there,
so long


Montag, 11. März 2013

Riders of Rohan - Update [5]

Hi Guys,

there is an update.

I want to show you the coats, because i have made a different between the regular warriors (right) and the captain of the troop (left). The captains coat is an paint of dark angel green and nuln oil shadow. So i have an  connection to the Royal Guard of the King, because there coats have the same color like the captain. This means, the captain ist an Guardsman of the King.

An other story is the white coat of Eorl the Young/Marshall Andred of Wolde. I don´t use an shadow, because i thing it looks better like this. 

There are the first six horses of the eored of eastfold. Take a look at the two guys in the background.


There you can see Theodred, the Second Marshall of Rohan and Eorl the Young.

The finished first warrior troop. The man of Eastfold under command of Bador, Captain of Rohan.

There we have Theodred again. I have paint the armor in dark angel green and brushed with red.

There is one of the honorable horses of Rohan.

These guys are numenorean warriors. i will use them as Gondor Guard of the Steward Cirion. 


Some Horses again....

Finished Guard of Steward Cirion....

The elve warriors from lindon hold an old tower in my boiler room

The tower in the boiler room, mounted on the burner 

The elv´s comando...

Finished black paintet and primed.

An old a hill there is a hole......;-)

A look in the primer box ........

.....and the model collection box.

Work Box


.....and finished horses.

My second lady cat cleo and the first sunshine of the year.

Riders of Rohan

Riders of Rohan on the workbench again

Finished horses and finished bases of the horses.

The Riders of Rohan again, not finished.

Eomer, Third Marshall of Rohan

The King and First Marshall of Rohan, Theoden and Eorl the Young. 

Theoden and Eomer at foot.

That was it in this short time. Greetings to you all and say some words about my work.
So long, Gordon