The Lord

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Workbench work

Hi guys,
at first, sorry for the chaos. I have change to google chrome and so i can load more Pictures at the same time.....
There are some Pictures of my workbench. Ad first, my called "bunker hill", first scratch work....

In next, i have played with command sprue and other pics.....

Ok, thats me on the hobby...

I don´t know if there are the minis for the Navysoldiers ore the SpecForce.
There are only little conversions...the bajonett on the grenade luncher for example....
The following guys are Mordian Minis, count as my Praetorian Mobile Infantry. I have build and Command Unit for the two Squads.

Some heretic tau....XENOS!!

A standardbearer, left of him the VIP Viscount Sidmouth, a Praetorian General, ad right of him, the second standardbearer of the army corps.

In the same time i work on the third Liason Officer, my Astrophat.

Viscount Sidmouth and two Greande Luncher of the Mobile Infantry.

The new Lieutenant of the Mobile Infantry....

The Astrophat...

The Praetorian Mobile Infantry

The Astrophat again...

Whats this ? A Savlar Chem Dog ?????

The Xenos where reinforced too!!

Ok , thats all today ;-)
Anybody comments more ?
So long


Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Having a break

Hi Friends,

Sorry for the long absence. I am currently very busy professionally and personally. There a also unfortunately one ore two months before I started working here again.
Remain faithful to me!
Semper fidelis!
Lord Gordon