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Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Book review [3] - Bernard Cornwell, "Sharpe´s Company"

Hello Friends,

German Layout

after finishing Sharpes Battle, i read Sharpes Company in one. I have to say, that the older Story, Sharpes Company, was the better one. But even it was fun an Bernard Cornwell like very good. It was a fun to read and see wich problems Sharpe had in this time, he lost his Brevet Rank, he lost the Command of the Light Company, he lost his choosen Men. But the friendship and the love to his wife (on End of the book) hold him up.


Engish Layout (new)
Captain Richard Sharpe has to lead the attack on the terrible fortress. It is a hard winter. For Richard Sharpe it is the worst he can remember. He has lost command to a man who could buy the promotion Sharpe covets. His oldest enemy, the ruthless and indestructible Hakeswill, joins the regiment and he is a man with a mission to ruin Sharpe. But Sharpe is determined to change his luck. The only way - a desperate choice - is to volunteer the Forlorn Hope, to lead the attack on the impregnable fortress town of Badajoz, a road to almost certain death or, just possibly, to heroic glory. Soldier, hero, rogue - Sharpe is the man you always want on your side. Born in poverty, he joined the army to escape jail and climbed the ranks by sheer brutal courage. He knows no other family than the regiment of the 95th Rifles whose green jacket he proudly wears.

Good work, i think.
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O'er the hills and o'er the main

Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain.
King George commands and we obey
Over the hills and far away.

- by John Tams aka Sergeant Daniel Hagmann

Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

The End of an Hero - Gordon´s last stand

Hello all over the Blogworld,
as my special Avatar, Major General Gordon is a part of my hobby, truth and live. There are maybe much possible ways to honor. It is real...the best and easiest way is his Last Stand, because there are good occasions. First was the Picture like his End:
The the movie adaptation, after this dam tribesman has throw is spear: 

And the little Diorama from Alan and Michael Perry i have bought:

I am not a good painter, but i will give it my own soul ;-)
First pics coming on the weekend.