The Lord

Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Imperiale Navy - Royal Praetorian Fleet - Deliha Sector Command

Yes, of course. There are so much projects to do. But the idea of an liason officer, give me an creativ inovation about an "Gothic-Fleet" Project to. So, in the next time, i have some pictures of the Royal Praetorian Battleship, HMS Royal Oak, an Armaggedon Class Warbattleship.

The Royal Oak (yes, this is the ship from the story called Savannenwind), is the Flagg ship of the Delihan Sector Command Fleet. The Commanding Officer of the Fleet is High Admiral Lord Baxtrey. Will see, if this projects are ok. Pics will come in the next view days..

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Some new stuff to see on the workbench

Uups...i didn´t say some words to the pics....sorry

This will be the "Havildar Major" of the Cavalry....the Adjudant from Colonel Hammond..

This guy is the Liason Officer to the vostroyan/bulgar Command. So he will be an Grenadir Officer in the Veteran Squad....this means the Tschako.

Some pics of my veteran conversions....

First colourtest to the 3rd Batallion from Bulgar..

Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

Veteran Squads

Hi guys !

Do you remeber these special operation unit ?

I`ve collecded some more minis do build an second squad. So i have plan to great two Veteran Squads (one to everey Platoon) as third unit. Pictures will be come in the next view weeks....