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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Imperial Workstation [5]

Salvete !

Long time ago for update. Some several days in holiday, some hard work in buiseness and family. I want to start with some new stuff and old things. There are the updates:

1.1 - almost done
1.1.1 - the penal legion
The penalty has been awarded a new legion commander, standard bearer also.

1.1.2 - The Black Watch
The 1st Battalion, 3rd Platoon was build with the old Special Operations Command and other figures of the Praetorians. Assembled as a squad with two teams, the Black Watch is now a special unit of the regiment.

(take a look at Sir Horace Remnigton, a honorable member of the Black Watch at Klaus Blog

1.1.3 Ekbatan Zouaves
3rd Battalion, 2nd Platoon - the Ekbatan Zouaves. The Zouaves now are finished. They waiting for battle at Atbatara, Indira IV, Delihan Sector. They have an Vehicle Support (Razorback - pics coming soon)

1.1.4 New Command Crew for Praetorian Mobile Infantry
Pics coming soon, the work, was an work of two houers. 2nd Bataillon is finished.

1.1.5 Palladian Guard Liason Officer - Master of Ordnance
Work is finished, Pictures are online.

1.1.6 Reinforcemends of Royal Praetorian Battlefleet Delihan Sector
Some Gothic models of an Light Cruiser and some Frigates coming soon. As soon as possible the pics of the Space marine Cruiser too.

1.2 - under construction - Imperial Guard and Space Marines
1.2.0 2nd Ekbatan Dragoons, Horse Artillery
Found three old bretonian knights, pics coming next

1.2.1 The Rifle Brigade (formerly 95th Imperial Rifles)
The combat command of the sharpshooters under the command of Major Dick Sharpe (Sharpe Rifles count as) is next on the program, as part of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Platoon.

1.2.2 The combined special forces (The New Special Operations Command)
Here I deal with the second attempt by a special task force. I hope Klaus, not Santa, it reads, it should also include a Dencarian SpecNas Trooper.
1.2.3 Space Marine Chapter Blood Dragon
The High Master of the Chapter and his bodyguard, and the Crusiers of the Fleet

1.2.4 marines and naval personnel
Royal Fleet Praetorian sector, Commissioner Vlad Draco from my novella Sawanenwind, and other things like another armored vehicle, some Delihan Cavalry units and the Tau.
1.3 - under construction - Tau Sept 
1.3.1 Tau Sept of Green Sun.
Modells for Characters, Second Firewarrior Squad.


Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Workbench work (2) - FlaK/PaK

There are the next pics about the bunker....
There are the generators, build from the flight pacs..


So long,

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

Workbench work (1) - FlaK/PaK

Hello my friends and hobbyists around the world,
I wish to build on to my trench. Well, let's say I try it.

I'm not really good. Still, I try to implement my wishes.
From different parts of the Razorbacks, the Valkyrie and other tanks, I started to tinker a "double-aircraft cannon". Here doe first pictures ....

from the jump packs of Space Marines I build the generators for the drive and the power supply.

Please make C&C
So long