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Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Royal Engineers - [IV] - Heliograph

Hello dear comrades!

Yesterday i had a new packet from Nottingham. The Heliograph troops from Sudan assortment of Perry Miniatures, Napoleonic Hussars Spure and 10th Hussars with Lancers again.

Also I have looked again at Major Dudley. The saber is gone now, because it looks bad. One of the Officer from the Heliograph troop looks like Dudley in his regular full dress uniform.

I want to buy Camel Corps, Highlanders and Indian Service...will see if there is an other one too.

The Heliograph is a Troop of Royal Engineers i think.
It is a good idea to use them as such.

Second i have begun to paint the Gordons last stand coming soon.
Do someone know where i can see pulp-, steampunk or historical minis of the victorian time ?

Cheers, as well...

Montag, 23. Juni 2014

Royal Engineers and Indian Officer [III]

Hello my Friends,
there i have to show you some work finished today. The first part of the Royal Engineers in Indian Army and Major Dudley are finished.

There some pics from the workbench...

Major Dudley is an Officer of the Dragoons, so he needs a sword. I take it from the perry napoleonic command sprue of the british Army....

Some older group pics before finish the bases...on the right two Riflemen from 95th Rifles..

Please, say something...


Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Indian Office, Royal Engineers [II]

Canadian Service
Home Service
Within my small timeline..i have finished the second Mini i the Indian Office Diorama Group. First i have think about the Royal Engineers.

Lieutenant John Chard was an RE and General Gordon too. Some great british Officers are part of the Corps of Engineers too.

Officer mounted and Sapper
NCO and two Sappers

So i have look at some pictures in this time of the Engineers...i don´t know if they have an special Service Dress in this time, but they are not in Battle, they are in regular Duty.
So i have to take a look at the patrol jaket. And now i finished my RE Officer....

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Far Pavilions - Movie Review 2

Hello my Friends,

ok ok....first: it is not a action movie. Far Pavilions is an smart adventure and love story. But i love it. I think it is an very good refrence from India, there society, there live in and the armies and problems of this time in the 19th century.

Sir John Gielgud as Louis Cavagnari
The Far Pavilions is an epic novel of British-Indian history by M. M. Kaye, first published in 1978, which tells the story of an English officer during the British Raj. The novel, rooted deeply in the romantic epics of the 19th century, has been hailed as a masterpiece of storytelling. It is based partly on biographical writings of the author's grandfather as well as her knowledge of and childhood experiences in India. Ashton Pelham-Martyn (Ash) is the son of a British botanical scientist travelling through India, who is born on the road shortly before the Sepoy uprising of 1857. His mother dies from childbed fever shortly after his birth and his father dies of cholera a few years later. He is entrusted to his Hindu ayah (nanny) Sita to be brought to his English relatives in the city of Mardan. After discovering that all English feringhis have been killed during the uprising, Sita adopts the dark-skinned Ash and takes him in search of safety. - from Wikipedia

I like it very much...a smart lovestory and a good maked movie.
So long,

Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2014

Dragoons repainted [II]

Hello Friends all over the world !
Befor weekend, i want to show you some new Pictures about the Dragoons (i hope the have not green light in).  Maybe some guys understand me. I need to paint the figures until I'm satisfied. And I've found that I do stack the color every layer.

But now, i am happy about the result. So i want to show you the Command of the Dragoons and the three Dragoons i have repainted firsttime. Three other Dragoons (with Lances) coming next.


I want to show you too, that i have change the headcollars of the horses in one colour now. It is the army and there is an uniformity.

So i hope the Pics are better.....

The Belts are white and brown, the trousers have an yellow strip....

Have a a nice weekend all and tell me your opionions!
So long,

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

The Man Who Would Be King - Movie Review 1

The Man Who Would Be King is a 1975 film adapted from the Rudyard Kipling short story of the same title. It was adapted and directed by John Huston and starred Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Saeed Jaffrey, and Christopher Plummer as Kipling (giving a name to the short story's anonymous narrator). The film follows two rogue ex-non-commissioned officers of the Indian Army who set off from late 19th-century British India in search of adventure and end up as kings of Kafiristan.

-From Wikipedia
First time i watch the movie it was  my 13th age and i loved him instantly. Sir Michael Caine, CBE  and Sir Sean Connery, Kt and Christopher Plummer CC, some honorable Actors, best one of the World in my opinion. But we would not forget Saeed Jaffrey, OBE, an exellent indian actor. The movie is an colorfull adventure in the end of the 19th century, a mirror of the society in this part of  Victorian era and there dreams...

An special character of this movie is the Ghurka Billy Fish, the sole survivor of a mapping expedition sent several years earlier. Billy speaks English as well as the local tongue. Acting as translator and interpreter of customs and manners, he smooths the path of Peachy and Danny as they begin their rise, offering their services as military advisors, trainers, and war leaders to the chief of the much-raided village of Er-Heb.
Later, when it becomes clear that the battle is lost, Peachy and Danny offer Billy a horse to escape, but Billy refuses and wishes them luck before courageously charging into the mob with a kukri singlehandedly. Nevertheless, Billy was killed amidst the mob and Peachy and Danny are soon captured.
Sir Sean Connery (front), Sir Michael Caine (behind)

His heroic end, with or without sense, is a smart excample for the truth and imperial persuasion of the nativ elements in HMQ Armies of this time.

German Cinematic

Thats all for the week,
have good one


Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

Special Command - Nostalgia

Hi Friends,
some Pics from last year and some nostalgia......last year i finished the Special Operation Team from Imperiale Guard Command of Delihan Field Force. I use the Cadian Command and Standard Pattern to create some individual Fighters. There are Tank Conversions too. Enjoy, i like them ;-).

What is this....???
Nostalgia....i bought this one as my first vehical, an Skiff of the Delihan Jungle with this new Team it looks not bad ore ?

Ok, next time there come pics from the Indian Army Cavalry again.
Have a nice week.

Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Indian Office, Royal Engineers & Secret Service [I]

Hi Friends !
Ok...Admiral Drax Comment showed me that my photographs convey a slight green tint. Considering that, please ...
The Petty Twins had help me out. The special range of sudan shows us some magazin corespondents, like  Melton Prior, Frederic Villiers and Bennet Burleigh. I use the diorama for my own one.
My idea is to represent a group of Royal Engineers and Indian Staff OfficersLike an intelligence service team.

This is the original from
This are the two horses... 

Their leader is Major William Cedric Dudley..

He wears his uniform pants, because he really is an officer charge of Bengal Cavalry in duty of imperial indian staff.
The other two are officers of the Royal Engineers and the Indian Staff Office. Images come to nearest days.
Have a good week.