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Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Indian Office, Royal Engineers & Secret Service [I]

Hi Friends !
Ok...Admiral Drax Comment showed me that my photographs convey a slight green tint. Considering that, please ...
The Petty Twins had help me out. The special range of sudan shows us some magazin corespondents, like  Melton Prior, Frederic Villiers and Bennet Burleigh. I use the diorama for my own one.
My idea is to represent a group of Royal Engineers and Indian Staff OfficersLike an intelligence service team.

This is the original from
This are the two horses... 

Their leader is Major William Cedric Dudley..

He wears his uniform pants, because he really is an officer charge of Bengal Cavalry in duty of imperial indian staff.
The other two are officers of the Royal Engineers and the Indian Staff Office. Images come to nearest days.
Have a good week.

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