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Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

Dragoons repainted

Hi Friends,

i wich you all a happy weekend. There are some pics from the Dragoons repaintet. Now, they have the Indian Service Dress. They are the 1st Kings Dragoons. They served in India, Sudan and China.

my workbench..

the Dragoons... 

Captain Frederick Henry Rossendale, his Bugler and the Regimental Corporal Major Ross. 

There we have three Guardsmen....

So long, please tell me, what do you think about ?


Admiral Drax hat gesagt…

I think the dragoons themselves look fantastiche - especially their trousers.

Can I assume it's just the lighting that makes a couple of the horses weem a little green?

Maj.Gen. C. G. Gordon, Royal Engineers hat gesagt…

Green? Hu..yes that makes the light... :-)