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Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Book review [2] - Bernard Cornwell, "Sharpe´s Fury"

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The acclaimed twenty-first novel in the number one bestselling series featuring Richard Sharpe.
In the winter of 1811, the war seems lost. All Spain has fallen to the French, except for Cadiz, now the Spanish capital and itself under siege.
In Cadiz, Richard Sharpe discovers more than one enemy. One of them, a baleful priest, finds a weapon to break the British alliance and Sharpe must find ways to defeat him in a sinister war of knife and treachery in the dark alleys of the city. As a small British force is trapped by a French army, their only hope lies with the outnumbered redcoats who, on a hill beside the sea, refuse to admit defeat. And there, in the sweltering horror of Barrosa, Sharpe finds his old enemy Colonel Vandal once again.

German Layout
I first met Sharpe with in the the BBC series, starring Sean Bean. Since then I have devoured each film.
I start reading the books later, however, begun late to be exact with Sharpe's Tiger, now the first novel of the series now (at least as far as the chronology).
My experience with Cornwell i first had with the Uthred Book Series. But I have to say that his present and his style of writing, I sometimes like better than the old time books. This may of course be due to the translation from English into German, but you will notice when each book was written (at least I tell myself that one).
Sharpe's Fury is also such a book like this new cornwell style. It was "between" the old pushed because Cornwell wanted Sharpe in the siege of Cadiz. I think this book is great. Of course i am biased, of course I'm a fan, but as I did above, hopefully clear, not every book is well written.
So i can recommend it to you. Enjoy.

O'er the hills and o'er the main

Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain.
King George commands and we obey
Over the hills and far away.

- by John Tams aka Sergeant Daniel Hagmann


Admiral Drax hat gesagt…

Brilliant - I love Sharpe!

Predictable and formulaic, maybe, but always fun. Have you ever noticed (I don't know aboutin translation) that in at least one fight scene in every book, someone's face will 'Explode into a mask of blood'?


Your next challenge, if your English is up to it or in translation is the 'Hornblower' books by CS Forrester: these are simply superb!

They're of noticebly better 'quality' than Sharpe, and have FAR more action...but don't be distracted by the 'Jack Aubrey' books: those pale into insignifiance by comparison to the 'Hornblowers'.

The first is 'Mr Midshipman Hornblower'.

Good luck!

Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

Yes, i have the Books and i have the Miniseries with Ioan Gruffudd and the Movie with Gregory Peck.
I love him too.
I will see if i wright something about in Future.