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Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Book review [1] - Oliver Henkel, "The journey of the Leviathan"

Besides the painting of figures, whether Warhammer 40K or Lord of the Rings, I will show you on my reading habits and Book preferences in this blog.

I want to start with a German Author: Oliver Henkel. He caught my attention already 10 years ago with his alternate reality novel "Emperor's Day" (in german: Kaisertag).
I'll come back later, maybe even on this book. Today I want to talk. About "The journey of the Leviathan" (In the original german: "Die Fahrt des Leviathan"), his latest work.
Basically Oliver Henkel writes always stories set in alternate timelines and historical development. The journey of the Leviathan there is no exception.

Summary of the book:

Wilhelm Pfeyfer, Major and Commander of the Military Security Detachment in the capital of Prussia only American province Carolina, the former South Carolina, is used to solve a case which is so not just his position:

The "SS Great Eastern", is the largest ship of its time. It touches on a rock and sprung a leak, and this all with the Prussian King on board - an assassination attempt?

Pfeyfer and the ship caught in the confusion of the Civil War. The northern states have further more effort to bring the insurgents back into the Union, as they would like.
The Confederate slave states on the other hand suffer without the usual export of cotton and Tabal great hardship
Because an obscure representative of a European country offers against complacency and to supply the southern equipment and weapons. The GReat Eastern comes as a transport ship at the right time. Fate seems to lean in favor of the South .........

My personal conclusion:

Oliver Henkel combines usually something criminological and espionage history with his works. The journey of the Leviathan is no exception of this.

The protagonist, Major Pfeyfer seems so prussian that makes it a fun provide him with all the clichés. The subtle and witty in the matter, is the fact that he is a dark-skinned Prussian officer.

If you like westerns of yesterday and southern epics, who would fell this book, mainly because Henkel strives to use many aspects, just as the slavery and the struggle against it, Prussian history and social classes, and the fact that between Prussia at that time and the confederate southern states gave only marginal differences.

Even the feminist aspect is not neglected. Sun one encounters the first female free spirits that time and just the atmosphere of this American Prussian province enhance the effect.

All in all, very well managed, I think. But, that's my opinion. If you're curious now, and not shy away from the money, you make your own image.

Like his other books also, I really like this book and I would recommend it.
If you want to see more:

Greetings in the Modelling World there,
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