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Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

DCI JOHN Barnaby

Tom (John Nettles) und John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon)
This entry in the blog I dedicate a new detective on the television screen. I have now seen the first three cases.
And I must say, I am not disappointed.

For me, Thomas Barnaby was always the man of action. A veteran is a simple, but excellent detective in his work.

Meanwhile, you get used to Tom's style.
John is different. Has already shown us that in the episode: "The Sword of Guillaume".
John is quiet. He observed very long and hard.

He is much more willing to go a short way to achieve the goal.
DCI John Barnaby
It remains to wait and see how the series now developed. It is fun to see another Barnaby. And he is not bad, but just different. He seems to be a bit narrow-minded. His wife is different agile, as headmistress at work and not as Toms wife at home.
Makes your own image. But I am sure you will like John.

Gordons last stand - First Final Step

So there are the pictures of the finished Diorama:

I will do some trees and sand as next to make it more alive.

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

Back from the Desert

Hi Friends all over there, was a hard and not funny life has found some new ways. So i hope i can do something in autum and winter.

I have finish the "Gordon Diorama". Pictures comin on weekend. I have finde some new old Books to read, like the Storys of Harry him. More in the nexttime.

I talk with Alan about there BIF Range....i hope they will make some special characters.

So, a happy to be back