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Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

East Indian Company Cavalry [I]

Hi Guys,
it is a long time ago i bought this box from perry twins. There are britishg napoleonic hussars. I have thought a long time. First i want build some Kings German Legions. With an special command sprue ein do some, but this was not my world.
I have an affinity about British Indian and the Indian of the East Indian Company too. So I thought to build the Indian cavalry for games in the period 1810-1840. I know that the guys before the Great Mutiny have some funny hats and helmets. More like the European Soldiers.

First Problem I have to handle was easy. Change from european-british Cavalry Sabres in indian Tulwars. I have to cut of the Handle Guard of the Sabres. It is an easy conversion with an big effect for the units i will build.

There you can see the result. For the Hats I use the Caps withou the peak so it looks like an Indian Sowar of the EIC Troops.

You can see the TULWAR Sabre in the Hand of the Rissaldar-Major.

I have attach the scabbard on the saddles of the horses. I have cut of the bags and most of the belts.
There a the first 6 finished modells....

I think i will do some Skinner Horses. That means yellow jackets. But i also think about Madras Cavalry in an smart blue, ore Bombay/Bengal Cavalry for red shirts. What do you think ?

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Mad Padre hat gesagt…

It's great to see Mutiny figures. A very interesting looking conversion. I look forward to seeing the finished figures.

Richard von Wittgensteyn hat gesagt…

Thank you, Michael !
I´m glad to know, that you are looking forward my blog ;-)

Cheerio !