Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2015

Long, long time ago....

Hi my friends all over the world,

ad the first i have to say sorry about the fact, that i was absent a long time. But the hardley work for the federal republic was importend as less. Now, i will start my hobbytime ´s slow and small. I hope to do some book reviews.

In the last months me and my wife expand the G.R.R.Martin World of "A game of thrones", a song of ice and fire. We have bought all books and have seen all series now.

My wife was quickly to read, she is finish and not really about the death of Jon Snow (ore not death?). But i will do later some book and film reviews.

Even we look some miniseries like Whitchapel, Beeing Erica (an interessting canadien work about psychs and wonders and life), Inspector Gamache (it is Nathaniel Parker as an Quebec Policeman).

And i fond some new thinks like Star Wars and more. I will give you an example in the nexttime.

Thank you all, for reading and watching. See ya nexttime.

So Long