The Lord

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Gordon missing in action - Praetorian Guards with New Supreme Commander

Deliha/Khalandra - Army Report VCI:
With great shock had a brazen attack three weeks ago reported by fundamentalist forces under the leadership of the Mahdi against the Kalandra Garrison.

Lord General Gordon and his staff were involved in the fighting. It lacks any contacts yet. Colonel Wimsay was sent with a brigade reconnaissance work to do at first. Lord Kitchanar was assigned and furnish the Delihan Army.

Moreover, His Majesty the King's Randolf Praetoria together with the representatives of the Adeptus Administratum a new Governor General has appointed the Deliha Sector.

With the Duke of Beresford-Severn to win the praetorian forces an experienced and excellent field marshal who could collect by deliberate calculation and strict discipline in the past numerous honors for himself and Praetoria. Beresford-Severn is also his Majesty's Privy Council and a member of the Secret Cabinet.

The extent of the Earl of Sikkim, Lord Kitchanar be bound by instructions Beresford-Severns will is still lacking. All are hoping that General Lord Gordon can be freed as quickly as possible. The 20th Praetoria regiment and all Praetorian units and units of the imperial army in the sector as soon as possible on the march to both the insurgency and its leaders as well as the rest of the Emperor as soon as possible to restore.

The main contingent to quell the uprising of the Mahdi is from the 20th Praetorian Regiment, nicknamed "The Dragoon Guards," Praetorian several infantry regiments and their supporting armor and the 114th Praetorian hussars. Moreover, two regiments of Vostroya or Bulgar VII was flown.

 Also, the sepoy regiments were mobilized by Deliha. In order to march half a Millian man against the Mahdi. We wish our boys all the best and our generals and marshals a good and steady hand for a decision. Salvation and victory for Praetoria, the High King and Emperor, who protects!

(Why this entry?

Unfortunately I have to devote time to give me no time to the model, which also makes me a little sad. Nevertheless, both continue to march the armies of the emperor and Praetoria. The nice thing about a hobby that you can sometimes even just taking a break (and must). I hope that Klaus surprise me soon with a liaison officer on the bridge of Athena (little nod to the south). I think in the second half, i.e. From July 2011 it will be better.