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Montag, 12. Mai 2014


Hi Guys,

i hope to start in Hobby back with slow march. Firsttime i must look about my workbench and all the projects that lay down.

There are

- some Tau Battlesuits in Waiting
- some Sons of Eorl, Eorlingas and Arnor Rangers
- 20th Praetorian and the Brigades Part like the Adeptus Militarum
- NEW : British Corps of Guides*

I hope i can send you some Pics in next weeks.
Also i clean up my garage and find some old first conversions. I will send you the pics as soon as possible.

So, greetings and  good day


*The Minis are Minis from the Perry Twins. First time i wantet them as Cavalry of the 20th Praetorian, but now i will make some realy historics ...

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