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Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Corps of Guides - Mardan Headquarter Garrison [I]

Hello Friends,
i have made some better pictures i think. There is my command of the Corps of Guides Cavalry Unit. The Commandant of this part of the Corps is
The Hon. Colonel Sir Charles Comyn Egerton GSB, DSO(** ). I have search a long time. Winstons Churchills Book The River War was a help.
 I think you can now take a look at the colors i used. In real it looks much better i think.
The Bugler is Daffadar Sarim Kodar Khan, who joint 2nd Bengal Cavalry firsttime of his service and will be transferd to Corps of Guides five years before the starting the  Second Anglo-Afghan War in 1878.
The last one is an old KCIO, who served firsttime as young sowar in the Madras Army of the Hon. East Indian Company. In time of the mutiny he fight in the loyal corps under command of General Colin Campbell. After the mutiny he was promoted to an Daffadar and later Jemadar ICO, Now, Banda Rao Singh is an Rissaldar Major of the Corps of Guides and Second in Command. In 1865 he had the honor to join to an KCIO.

There is an Picture of all three.
At last the 1st/14th Kings Dragoons Guards (Kings Own Hussars).......on the workbench... and the Corps of Guides native Cavalry.......
So long,


Jason Meyers hat gesagt…

These turned out nice. Who makes these miniatures??

Maj.Gen. C. G. Gordon, Royal Engineers hat gesagt…

Thats the range of the Perry Twins, Alan and Michael Perry from Nottingham, former the best top worker of games Workshop, now they are gone and make there one range historical miniatures.

Phil hat gesagt…

Nice looking minis, good job!