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Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

Service Dress -Part III

Hallo Friends !
now, it is time to take a look at the possibilities. I have search in internet for some pics about the Indian Army in British Service of the British Raj. That means the time after the Great Mutiny from 1857. There we have an Rissaldar from 13th Bengal Lancers. Dark Blue and white Trousers. 
The next picture shows us an british Officer in the Uniform of the 1st Madras Cavalry. The Trousers are the same like the other, real british Regimenst, but the Jacket ist an very funny blue.
On this picture we have two Guides from the Corps of Guides. On the left Infantry on the right cavalry.

There are european Officers from the 1st Bengal Cavalry, called the Skinners Horse. They have yellow Jackets.
 Ok, so long this time. I am very interestet wich Regiment i want to paint for.


Admiral Drax hat gesagt…

Love those yellow jackets, but they'd be very hard to replicate in 40k...

Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

You know: if i do so it is not 40k. It is historical.

Dai hat gesagt…

Yellow certainly a pain to paint, but they look the best, and most striking.

Panzer Kaput hat gesagt…

I am sad to say the the Yellow Tunic is the full dress uniform and would be unlikely to wear it on the battlefield, but it does look nice.

My advise is to pick an Indian Army, like the Army of Madras or the North West Frontier Force, I would go for the later, and go from there. Remember, facings and tunics were very colourful.

Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

Yes, the yellow tunic is the Full Dress of the Skinners. But @Panzer Kaput, is the mithy blue tunic from Madras Cavalry not the Full Dress too ?
I have bad pictures from my first repainting for the Guides...

Panzer Kaput hat gesagt…

I would say they are Full Dress too