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Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

Service Dress Dilemma

Now my dilemma is perfect.
As for my native cavalry, they should be the Corps of Guides.

But my British cavalry ... a dilemma!

Do any of you still references relating to the Service Dress while serving in India?

The 17th Lancers look similar, such as the 10th Hussare in Sudan, as do suggest the Perry twins.

But that's me .... just ... has an idea for

1) a British cavalry regiment
2) in the Indian Service between 1870-1900
3) best with reference?

I have some red in remembrance of jackets, white Piths and blue pants. Does anyone have pictures of the 1st Kings Dragoon?
Thanks !!!!


Jason Meyers hat gesagt…

Sorry, other than doing a Google image search, I don't know any additional info that will help you with your question.

Panzer Kaput hat gesagt…

Try searching Dragoon Guards in the Zulu War you will find that they and the 17th Lancers wore Red and Blue Jackets respectively. The Khaki jacket was first introduced in Indian, red show up so well against the sands, and they did the same thing in Sudan.