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Montag, 19. Mai 2014

Service Dress Dilemma - Second

Hi Guys,

first time i wanna say thanks ! There was a feedback about my questions, with help. So i finde this old picture with uniforms from Sudan, India, Zulu and Beor War.

Now I have to think first what kind British army I want to paint.

My first and still favorite incidence is to paint a British Indian Army. With Corps of Guides, some Sepoyunits and British Regiment in India.

Lord Chelmsfords South African Army is an second thought, and the Sudan withi Wolsley ore Kitchener maybe.

And there are Canadian Regiment and units who are making with these figures.

What do you think i should do this summer ?

I will do a survey and what was coming out, I'll paint ...
Please, help !
So long,
Lord Gordon


Panzer Kaput hat gesagt…

Personal I would go for the Indian Service, there are some very colourful unit in there and also the enemy too. Now I say this as someone who loves the Anglo Zulu War. Also you can use the India service troops in the Sudan anyway so plus there

Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

I thank you, because i love British Victorian Army, but mostly Indian Service. I wanna make first Corps of Guides, but i am thinking about Skinners Horse and 1st Madras Cavalry.