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Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Royal Engineers - [IV] - Heliograph

Hello dear comrades!

Yesterday i had a new packet from Nottingham. The Heliograph troops from Sudan assortment of Perry Miniatures, Napoleonic Hussars Spure and 10th Hussars with Lancers again.

Also I have looked again at Major Dudley. The saber is gone now, because it looks bad. One of the Officer from the Heliograph troop looks like Dudley in his regular full dress uniform.

I want to buy Camel Corps, Highlanders and Indian Service...will see if there is an other one too.

The Heliograph is a Troop of Royal Engineers i think.
It is a good idea to use them as such.

Second i have begun to paint the Gordons last stand coming soon.
Do someone know where i can see pulp-, steampunk or historical minis of the victorian time ?

Cheers, as well...

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