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Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2014

Dragoons repainted [II]

Hello Friends all over the world !
Befor weekend, i want to show you some new Pictures about the Dragoons (i hope the have not green light in).  Maybe some guys understand me. I need to paint the figures until I'm satisfied. And I've found that I do stack the color every layer.

But now, i am happy about the result. So i want to show you the Command of the Dragoons and the three Dragoons i have repainted firsttime. Three other Dragoons (with Lances) coming next.


I want to show you too, that i have change the headcollars of the horses in one colour now. It is the army and there is an uniformity.

So i hope the Pics are better.....

The Belts are white and brown, the trousers have an yellow strip....

Have a a nice weekend all and tell me your opionions!
So long,

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