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Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Chief Inspectors and Whisky [OOC]

I finally want to start with a topic that has less to do with 40K and tabletop, but the British Empire and the kingdom today it symbolizes for me.
a bottle Talisker - 10 years

In the Topic series "whisky" I present you one of my favorites before. Actually, it is THE favorite bad way for me. A bottle does not last long full, even if I try to be careful, the enjoyment of a Talisker Drams (please pronounce Gaelic!) something special.
As I did last night, a novel by Elizabeth George in my hand, waiting for that new episode of Midsomer Murders begins on television, I was thinking about this genre TV cop.

DCI Tom Barnaby - Cousten CID
(John Nettles)

Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. The master of his craft. John Nettles already knows how wonderful to embody this prototype of a criminologist for many years, who with wit and a touch of typical triggers, English calmness in their cases meticulous follow, without letting it lacks the necessary seriousness, of a royal official in the today is still good to see.
How do I love the moments when his sergeant (whether Troy, Scott or Jones, and the latter was the best DS!) With an open mouth of a honest and listen to the outside worn incomprehensibility of the solution of the case by her superiors almost reverently.

Cheers, Mr. Barnaby!

DI Thomas Lynley - Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard)
(Nathaniel Parker)
In a sense it as similar and yet very different, arises from the aristocratic Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley. The character is more fraught with himself and his own problems and seek to find a distraction in the work (other than Barnaby, which you would like to ask sometimes, the work is his hobby). It Lynley is not necessarily a great detective (often more cases were solved by his DS Havers), subject to more constraints and traditions for fighting in the interior but with the sense of justice and the fine feeling for the right conclusion.

Lynley himself wins a draft, which sometimes threatens to divert attention from the crimes to be solved, but an incredibly good character,
the look has to be given Nathaniel Parker. 
Where Barnaby looks like Mr. Clean and Lynley as an emotional wreck, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther presents itself as a stark contrast.
Through his emotional inner conflict, his unorthodox method, and not too respectful way, which is a mixture of aggression, madness turns paired with self-hatred and intuitive passion made ​​it for himself but also the people with him often operate a hazardous.

DCI John Luther - Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard)
(Idris Elba)

Like Lynley, a serious character, but his error does not seek to hide. Idris Elba manages impressively to breathe this life and character of a face.

Oh, there are so many .... Morse, Lewis, Gently ..... let's see, when I had time to chat over whiskey and inspectors again.

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