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Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

From 14th Kaledon Rangers and the 2nd Platoon

So, the 3rd Battalion whout called 14th Kaledon Rangers in his 1st Platoon. Nice name...
At the next Pics from 2nd Platoon, 1st Battalion....Praetorians !!

Lasgun and Heavy Bolter of the 1st and 2nd Squad 2nd Platoon

One Guardsman ready to fire

An convertet Sergeant

If you see, i have use the head from cadian Sergeant

The Guardsman again, background Lasgun Crew

Some unfinished Guarsman of the 2nd Squad

Again, i love the Guys.

1st Squad is waiting....

Command Crew of 2nd Platoon, Standard and Guardsman

Flammer and Guardsman

Colonel Arthur Hammond
from Praetorian Corps of Guides, called "Hammonds Cavalry" as Part of the Dragoon Guards of 20th Praetorian

A Scale between Warhammer 40K and Perry Miniatures. I think it´s ok.
It´s the other Sergeant of 2nd Platoon, Colour Sergeant Garner.

 The Lasgun Crew again

And there are some Pics of work.....see you next time again.


MrP hat gesagt…

These look grand! I wouldn't have thought of reversing the uniforms to a white and giving them red epaulets, but it works very well. That Perry chap does indeed fit very well with the Praetorians.

The Hon. Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

I´m glad, that someone things about it.
Thanks for commendation!