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Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Praetorian Penal Legion

Ad first, our little babys....

Lizzie is been in heat lately. She´s gone to be a really sweet little lady.

That`s her younger sister Cleo. She´s our sweetheart too.

This is the 10 men Penal Squad with members of several regiments of the Kandahar Field Force.

Boris Mickailowitsch Denikin, PFC, 25th Kasan Regiment

Lorgar Grain, LCpl, 3rd Oron Engineers

Fjodr Petrovitsch Jermak, PFC, 63th Valhalla

Ari ben Alife, Special Operations Service, Sergeant
Again without the Sniper Rifle....

Rastan Konredion, Knight Sergeant, 2nd Royal Ekbatan Dragoons

Again from the front....

Charles T. H. "Hooker" Starbrazer, Corporal, 3rd Btl. 20th Praetorian (Kaledon Rangers)

Leftanant (Lieutenant) Walter Malvoison, Mobile Infantry, 20th Praetorian (6nd Mordian, XO)
Captain Richard C. Merkenian, 1st Btl. 20th Praetorian, SOS Officer (Bionics)

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