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Montag, 11. Juli 2011

2nd Batallion (3) - Diorama (2)

With the 2nd Batallion, we have Cadian Minis. There are the men from Yukoni, an old praetorian colony in the Canadi-Subsektor (several others are the Praetorian Colombo System, the Saskatchewa-System and the Ontari-System).

The realy name of the unit is 818th Yukoni Regiment. After the battle of Tel`reb, the Units whould detachet to the 20th Praetorian. So the officiel Name now: 2nd Batallion, 20th Praetorian - 818th Yukoni, Callsign: The Crusher".

As you could already see some non-commissioned officers (always one per squad) have an ax as a melee weapon. It is about energy weapons. This is a peculiarity of the 818th Regiment Yukoni, they should document the use of the regiment as a pioneer unit, emphasizing the special nature of close combat specialists.

The second battalion of the 20th Regiment has the unofficial nickname "the Crusher" or Rasczak` s Crusher .  It`s first combat (and only previous use) as an independent regiment within the Kandahar Field Force had it during the siege of the southern cities of Ramanpur.

The actual 818th Regiment of Yukoni loss suffered during the siege battle up to 80 percent, all experienced officers at the front and a large part of the noncommissioned officer corps.

Lord General Gordon then ordered the amalgamation of the regiment as the second Battalion of the 20th Praetoria, which had also suffered heavy losses.
The Command Sergeant Major of the 818th Yukoni, Gerald Jean Rasczak, was appointed as the new commander of the Second Battalion and promoted to Major.

There are 40 Minis and three Weaponteams to do. Pics are coming soon. 
The new Diorama-Background....

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