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Penal Legion -3- / Callsign: Special Ops

The Penal Legion under command of Captain Merkenian is in real an Team of the hardes specialist in the Kandahar Field Force. There are the members:

 Boris Mickailowitsch Denikin, Private First Class, 25th Kasan Regiment
They say the good Boris was a drunk one evening about the thirst, in truth you will not know whether he deliberately shot the officer or in a drunken stupor. He was detained in the prison bunker V of Primus Angelus before Merkenian him for the "Special Operations" recruited.

Inspector Markham, Praetorian Central Police Department
(Ari ben Alife, Special Operations Service, Sergeant)
The burly inspector of the Planetary Defense Forces Praetoria been seconded by the PCPD to keep an eye on the Penal Legion Special Ops. He is in the position of a deputy of Merkenian and legally able to relieve this, even his office. Ari ben Alife was rebuilt again ...

Rastan Konredion, Knight Sergeant, 2nd Royal Ekbatan Dragoons
Sergeant Knight of the second Ekbatan Dragoon Knights fell at his Supreme Knight Commander in disgrace because he refused to shoot women and children prisoners. In an attempt to change his mind, he shot several knights of his home world. Merkenian fetched him from Mork VIII jail to the Special Ops.

Fjodr Petrovitsch Jermak, Private First Class, 63th Valhalla
Yermak is a typical Valhallaner., Cold, proud and incredibly stubborn. This led also to the fact that he shot the lieutenant, who tried to commandeer the stocks of alcohol in his company.
Merkenian brought him into the special operations before the commissariat could give him free for execution. Still chasing the Commissariat his head ... ..

Charles TH "Hooker" Starbrazer, Corporal, 88th Catachan "city rats"
During the pacification of Rhotep III, Hooker had to stop an officer from the service a celebration of his superiors during the nightly watch. In the pre dogfight six of the seven officers were killed. To date, no one can say whether they caught all Hooker, but he and his team were under arrest.

Mac Marten, Chief Technician, 3rd Oron Engineers
Mac Marten is a technical specialist who plunges on cogitators and computer-based systems, such as a Grox on its prey. However, one should not underestimate him with the laser gun. Mac Marten was imprisoned in the Baku prison, after they had determined that he pay both its reference number as well as the regimental fund had been looted. Merkenians in "Special Operations", he takes over the technical Part

Captain Richard C. Merkenian, 1st Btl. 20th Praetorian, SOS Officer (Bionics)

More about him coming soon....
The same about Ardo B. Huggins, Halfling Sharpeshooter

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