Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Tau reinforcemend [2]

Hello friends,

Now a little more text to the pictures. This week I have indeed painted a lot, the Sentinel squadron was repainted, a Lord Commissioner of the Citadel Fine Cast series has joined my regiment, the Kaledon Rangers get a new standard-bearer, the sharpshooter battalion, count as "Sharps Rifles", was assembled and primed, the chimera of the colonel was painted some more ... and have received appreciation. Unfortunately I can not present Images of the preparation of everything, but I hope to do and at least present as a finished model. Here are the two ....

There are only two pics today... this is one of my five Battlesuits....

Some of it is in a rough plan for the next few weeks. The following units are completed or still to be done:

First Battalion - done
Second Battalion - done
Third battalion

1.3 Ekbatan Dragoons Infantry Platoon - to paint
2.3 Penal Legion Infantry - to build - to paint
3.3 Count as Sharps Rifles - to piant

I let myself be surprised;-)
and please C & C welcome!!

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