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Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

Re-Start with Perry Miniatures

Hi Guys,

as often, the private life is a life with many several and special situations. So in my life the last month ago. I suppose, that much of you have the same Problems.

Now i have start my British army with Perry Twins Minis. Some from Artizan and a Little part of conversions of the minis.

In sommer last year, I start do build an City/Village of India or Sudan (Suakin). So first time I made an Little stop with the buildings and start to great the british Colonials for this. There are two pics about the work.

Even so i start to read some books. One about Rudolf Carl Slatin and the famous novel "the four feathers" from A.W. Mason.

And, last but not least, i have a new section on the blog, on which you can see which game I currently play on the PC.

Have a nice week all over the world!

May the great builder of all worlds guide you.

Count of Wittgensteyn
Lord of the Manor, of Roscommen and Tattingstone

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