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Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Navy Advisor and Liason Officer Conversion (Part 1)

So, there is an other challange to me, to build an Liason Officer/Naval Advisor for my Staff. Klaus, from the DEI GRATIA, will build in return an praetorian army advisor on the bridge of the Athena.

My first thought was an miniature, that i don´t know, how i can use it.

But than, there was this challange, and i see my new advisor. There are only some little conversions to do.

The right arm, will be cut and the chainsword will leave the left arm.

Than, i have to convert with some green stuff the arms new.

The right and the left arms are going backside ore alongside the body of the Advisor. Lets see, converting pictures are coming in the next view weeks.

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