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Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

New Staff Officers and an New Standard of the Force [1]

Hi mates!

Ad first i have to confess ... the Vostroyans have departed the Field Force. I sold them .....

Then I bought two boxes of the Cadian command box, two boxes and Cadian Infantry Bidhand fighters of the IMPERIUM ..... ;-)

First, I changed the General Staff to Lord Gordon. You see it on the color scheme. Black and white dominate the uniforms of the General Staff and will be considered across all the colors of the Delihan Field Force.

I also converted one of the flags and converted a praetorian soldier as a standard-bearer ... and soon more pictures here.

In this sense, so long!

The new general staff ....

the new color of the Delihan Field Force

Praetorian and non-Praetorian staff officers

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