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Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

New General staff [2]

There are the conversions of the Sergeant Major of the Delihan Field Force (count as Jaran Kell). I have cut off the right hand and give him a power fist, like Jaran Kell.

This ist the power fist of the cadian command box. There are the bagdes of an sergeant. I think it looks good. And there finaly, the new Standard-bearer of the Field Force....

 Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer First Class) Randolf Charles Martyn.

There ist my new "Master of Ordnance", Lieutenant Colonel Paulus Windigham

The bits are from the cadian command box, the cadian infantry box and the Bidhand Fighters of the Imperium Box (the Sword on his site).

What do you think about ?

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