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Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016


The plan: I wart off myself more less from GW and the SiFi universe of the 40th millennium. This is inter alia, because the costs are very high and I'm not an talent as some others out there to model the hits (that does not mean that there is not now and give again a figure that is my brush in the way). And I got older and my interests have reached to an different focus.

Actually back to my earlier youth, namely historical Theatres or dystopian SiFi (like that from the H. G. Wells or Jules Verne). Such templates can be wonderfully connect the victorian with SiFi (if I want it).

And then.....three cheers..... I have to be always the possibility of flexibly. I'm just nailed theorists regard the "red thread". And so, I need it. In future I want to do more the Sudanese and British Raj plot of my models and paints. If the mutiny in India or the crimean war remains I do not know yet.

I like the idea of a group of young and old friends with differently background, like scientist, army, navy and police officers, architects, engineers or doctors and detectivs....

Why? I can use them as the group of men, that will find an old cavern, where are old scripts with secret informations or mystic Quatermain or good old Indiana Jones.

If the Background is in Africa and Sudan ore in India, there is no matter.
To date, there are some of the them following:

In my historical theme I have this young peer and british aristocrat and officer:

Lieutenant Colonel Lord William Charles George Henry Dudley, OBE, AC, (future 3rd Earl of Ashford), 5th Viscount of Sidmouth and 6th Baron of Eden or formaly known as Viscount Sidmouth (Perrage of England), Son of General Lord Henry Arthur Evelyn Dudley, 2nd Earl of Ashford and 4th Viscount of Sidmouth, wounded in action in the mutiny in 1859. The Titls are the titles of the heir. He had a younger brother and an older sister. His sister is married with a scottish Peer (Lord Argyll).

Dudley now is the key point of all. He and his friends will appear in the real, historical plot, but also in the non-real dystopian sifi plot.

In particular may be mentioned here ..

His Grace Henry Rupert Alfred James Percy, 7th Duke of Northumberland an former Mentor of Dudley and good old friend of his father and the family.

The Honorable Douglas Arthur Conan, 2nd Duke of Umberdeen and Lord Lieutenant of North Lothian, Deputy Commissioner of the Foreign and Empire Office, Vice Earl Steward of Scotland

Colonel Sir Charles Dalrymple, KB, VC, Commanding Officer 10th Hussars, and former Commanding Officer of Dudleys Regiment

Dr. Henry Chap, Scientist and archaeologist. He was an fellow Student of Dudley in Oxford. His Brother is an police officer in scotland yard.

Major Robert Melville, is Dudley directly friend in the regiment and his second-in-command in all campaigns of the 10th Hussars.

Captain Evelyn Spencer Steele, illegitimate Son of Sir Evelyn Wood. He is the Squadrons Ensign and the junior in this team.

As historicel Person there are Allan Quatermain, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Flashman i think, but we will see.....

That are my thoughts today. I hope that i can Show you this sommer some Modells...and really not to Forget, THE ARCHAON.



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