Montag, 11. Juli 2016

Pre Mutiny Madras Cavalry - Viscount Dudley a Skinners Horseman

It was a sunny weekend, and a hot sunday. So it was time to do some paint work. As first i want finish my pre mutiny Sepoy Cavalry (based on the Perry Napoleonic Hussars). Several time ago i start to glue them, now it is time to paint.
For the Color i Need the cheme of the Madras Cavalry in White and Blue. I start smart, because i haven´t paint the last 15 months.

The Beginning

Parade, Parade !

Officer and Bugler

Officer and Bugler again.

After some time, i use the Empress Mini of Lord Cirencester for one of my Viscount Dudley Minis. That would be the "evening Dress". I think Dudley was an Officer from the Skinners Horse 1st Regiment.  A Yellow Egg.....

That was all next more,

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Phil hat gesagt…

Nice looking minis!