Montag, 18. Juli 2016

"Sons of the Empire" - Part I

In the meantime, all is in change. Even so my ideas about Dudley and his friends. I have show you the first paintsteps about Dudley and the Skinner Horses. And so I have change my mind about Dudley Regiment.

Dudley is an British Officer in an British Unit in the British Army in India. So he would be an Officer of the 17th Lancers.

His Friend, Major Frederik Hardy, would be an Officer from the 1st Madras Cavalry.

The next main character of the Troop is (Lieutenant) Colonel Robert Stanley Montgomery, Officer in the Viceroys Bodyguard and Special Agent of the Viceroys Security Service and a big-game hunter.

Last but not least we have Brigadier Gregory Hamish Campbell from 5th Seaforth Higlanders in Indian Service.
(Lt. Colonel in the Front)

And there are the Miniatures....





2 Kommentare:

Llama hat gesagt…

Montgomery and Hardy are some nice models! Well painted also!

Richard von Wittgensteyn hat gesagt…

The Pictures from Monty and Hardy are from the Internet to Show you the Modells. I will paint them all in my own colours and Show you the Pics then.