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Donnerstag, 20. November 2014

Pony Soldier - Movie Review 6

Hi guys,
now before weekend a Review of one of the older Movies. At first I have to explain why I review this kind of older movies.  As I was young often in summer, when the weather was bad, i saw this and other old western movies. Actors like Tyrone Power or Gary Gooper are the first Heros of my childhood.
It is also a shame that most people only see under the Western, the United States History time. This may be due to the known prejudices of US Americans to the Canadians, but I do not think so. There are good Western, like Pony Soldier, there deal with Canada and the same problems like the US.
Pony Soldier is a kind of them. This Movie is a 1952 Technicolor Northern Western set in Canada but, what a shame, set in Sedona, Arizone. It is based on a 1951 Saturday Evening Post story Mounted Patrol by Garnett Weston. It was retitled MacDonald of the Canadian Mounties in England and The Last Arrow in France and Spain. In Germany it was titeled Pony Soldier.
The Story:
In 1876, the NWMP send Constable Duncan MacDonald (Tyrone Power) and a blackmailed Blackfoot scout (Thomas Gomez) to get the Cree to sign Treaty 6 with The Crown. Initially hostile, the Cree are influenced by a Fata Morgana type mirage and they mistake for the power of Queen Victoria.
In addition to negotiating with the Cree, MacDonald of the Mounted rescues white hostages arrests a murderer, and adopts a Cree son.

I think it is a classic and have to see. Hope you enjoy. Have good weekend.
Nextweek we see "North West Mounted Police"


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