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Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Workbench and to do

Hello my friends,
I hope you all have seen the new head of the blog. It should show the contents and preferences. Whether British India or Warhammer 40,000, whiskey or books, the Victorian era, or the land of the Rohirrim. Everything counts in this blog.
I started with the Royal Engineers in the Sudan campaign. Since I imagine a flexible design of this particular troupe led by Major Dudley and Lord Peter Wimsay and accompanied by Frederick Augustus Burnaby, I mixed the uniforms.

As a reference I used footage from the film Khartoum.
You can see on the Pictures, that the Guardsmen and Trooper are using the red and the grey tunic. Other then the 24th Welsh Borderers in Zulu War the trousers are khaki, with red and with grey tunic.
Behind Major Kitchener (he is wearing the grey tunic) are two Companies, first in red tunic, second is serving in grey. 
There are some Movie Scenes to see:

Behind Lieutenant Colonel Stuart (11th Hussars), the Drill Instructor wears the red tunic with standard darkblue trousers.
So I have decided to mix these uniforms at the Royal engineers in my brigade.
Also, because I imagine that they provided their services not only in Sudan, but also in India, South Africa and China. It is also a use in Canada.
I hope new Pics coming end of the week.
Greetings, Gordon

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Col. Ackland hat gesagt…

I love the new header Gordon. That is a brilliant period that you have chosen for the uniforms. Thanks for the reference pics too! I’ll have to track that movie down.