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Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

The Charge of the Light Brigade - Movie Review 4

The Cherrybums - 11th Husars
DVD Cover
Actually, there are many other movies i can tell you. I can´t even remember why I wanted to do with "The Charge of the Light Brigade".

Maybe, it is, because Trevor Howard acts a great Lord Cardigan. Don´t know. But it is an really victorian Movie.

Lord Raglan (John Gielgud)
In any case, it is a two-hour parade of red pants, and a lot of royal Cherrybums, an affinity of the victorian gentleman.

Riding Master Mogg and Captain Nolan
There are many scenes i never forgott because they are an example for the time, where the money in your hand pays more then your brain in the head.

One of my favorit scenes is the scene in Horse Guards, alle generals are take there new commands and Lord Raglan begun his spoke aboot the "shattered lady", and talk about Turkey......

Lord Lucan (Harry Andrews)
Commander of the Cavalry
Lord Cardigan inspects the line
All in is a amazing movie, with funny and pensive moments. Not really historical correct, but it make fun to see it. The Actors are the best of this time, i assume. Harry Andrews as Lord Lucan a fine man in war.

John Gielgud is funny in his role as Raglan, because the mighty ghost of the great duke is everytime behind him..

Lord Cardigan (Trevor Howard)
 Leader of the light Brigade in Charge
At last Lord Cardigan...a gentleman and womanizer...

That are my words about it. I hope you enjoy the movie if you have the chance to see it.



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Stefan (aka. Monty) hat gesagt…

An excellent movie without any doubt. The cartoon sequences are a bit disturbing for me but it's nevertheless one of my favourite movies.
Thanks for bringing it into mind again.