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Montag, 24. November 2014

The Canadians - Movie Review 7

Hi guys,

there he his....the Movie Monday. The next movie I review is "Here come the Canadians" from 1961.
It shows us the hard life of the mounted Police in Canada in the time, when the US deals all with the Cavalry. I am very impressed about the courage and bravery of this little troop in this big country ...

The Story:

After the Battle of Little Big Horn, 6000 Indians of the Sioux tribe flee under their chief Four Horns to Canada, where they are, however, sought after crossing the border quickly Inspector William Gannon, who is one of the North West Mounted, in their camp. His offer: The Indians are allowed to stay in Canada if they submit to the laws of the country in which they agree. When the rancher Frank Boone from Montana and three of his employees on a quest for stolen horses on one of the related Indian villages encounter, they massacred the inhabitants as horse thieves and kidnap a white squaw who does not speak with them.

The Mounties feared an uprising of the Indians and take Boone and his men into custody; they claim they have wanted to save only the woman;

The Indians want the four Americans; Gannon insisting on compliance with the law. On the way to court, he learns of the woman that she had been kidnapped as a child by Indians. Her half-blood child had been killed in the attack. The Americans managed to escape, again with the woman hostage. As in the pursuit by the Mounties a gunfight breaks out, they will be shot, which saves Gannon life. On the top of the cliffs, the bandits hit the Sioux that trigger a stampede, and so driving Boone and his men over the cliffs to their deaths. No signal was given on the part of the Sioux, which thus wahrten the law. The Mounties return to their headquarters.

I hope you enjoy. Have an nice monday.

Nexttime we see: North West Mounted Police....
North West Mounted Police

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