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Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

Ekbatan Dragoons - Ekbatan Zouaves [4]

Even with the arrival of the "Ekbatan Dragoons" on Indira IV, as a relief for the Praetorian Delihan Army, it was clear that more supplies were needed in the fight against the insurgents and the Mahdi.

Thus, the first of the regiments raised "Ekbatan Zouaves" in order to support the praetorian teams.

Ecbatana was a feudal pre-industrial world. This has an impact on the people and soldiers.
(Training a razzia)

(The 2nd Ekbatan Zouaves at the Field of Creation)

 Knight Major Tara Busley monitored at dawn for the arrival of the fleet on the field of creation.

Lord Gordon


Colonel_Scipio hat gesagt…

Zouaves in 40K?! Wow! Why didn't I think of that! They look amazing, as ever you've got the most out of the command squad bits. Great stuff!

The Hon. Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot. You can do the same, i think the galaxie gots more Zouaves, like the Ekbatans ^^