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Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Commodore von Hardenberg - Dencarian Fleet Advisor - New Conversion

Hello Guys and Praetorian Friends!
The work, which Klaus has put in the ATHENA, has inspired me to give me more trouble with the liaison officer. So I decided to rebuild Commodore von Hardenberg.
I must admit that it's been tricky, but has made ​​it fun.

Here are the pictures of the old ..... (without arms) Liaison Officer and the new one....

@ Klaus, not Santa, I think he looks better now, more martial, like your miniatures !

I´ve fetched the arm from cadian command frame and the blade from catachan ...
i think an fleet sword, ore not ?
The head, and eagle face as knob.... 
Now, i love this "Kitchener Pose".....he said:
"I want you for the fleet !" ore
"Come on, chaos-boy, dance with my sword!"

He gots an lasgun...a pistol.
the first colors on the arm an the pistol...
ready and painted !

What do you think about ?
Please, make a c & c!!!!

Cheers and So long


Colonel_Scipio hat gesagt…

Yes! Love that pose, and he looks like he has Commissar Yarrick's 'Bale's Eye' implant as well. Great work!

Klaus hat gesagt…

Sooooooo cool!
Wirklich Klasse geworden :)
The pose is spot on, the colors work out nice, and he has the Dencarian "Kick Arse" attitude!