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Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Imperial Workstation [2]

Good morning @all  !

The work is going on. Some things are ready-made. There is an update:
1.1 - almost done
1.1.1 - the penal legion
The penalty has been awarded a new legion commander, standard bearer also.

1.1.2 - The Black Watch
The 1st Battalion, 3rd Platoon was build with the old Special Operations Command and other figures of the Praetorians. Assembled as a squad with two teams, the Black Watch is now a special unit of the regiment.
(take a look at Sir Horace Remnigton, a honorable member of the Black Watch at Klaus Blog

1.1.3 Ekbatan Zouaves
3rd Battalion, 2nd Platoon - the Ekbatan Zouaves. The Zouaves now are finished. They waiting for battle at Atbatara, Indira IV, Delihan Sector. They have an Vehicle Support (Razorback - pics coming soon)

1.2 - under construction

1.2.1 The Rifle Brigade (formerly 95th Imperial Rifles)
The combat command of the sharpshooters under the command of Major Dick Sharpe (Sharpe Rifles count as) is next on the program, as part of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Platoon.

1.2.2 The combined special forces (The New Special Operations Command)
Here I deal with the second attempt by a special task force. I hope Klaus, not Santa, it reads, it should also include a Dencarian SpecNas Trooper.

1.2.3 marines and naval personnel
Royal Fleet Praetorian sector, Commissioner Vlad Draco from my novella Sawanenwind, and other things like another armored vehicle, some Delihan Cavalry units and the Tau.

Do you like the idea of liaison officers?

I think that Klaus and I have a lot of fun during the construction phase.
Had someone pleasure and fun and ideas to share with the Dragoon Guards or other liaison officers?
please, make a report to me!



Klaus hat gesagt…

Yeah, it's really fun to think about collaboration ways between bloggers and thier armies :)
Over at the WIP forum dogplug is working on an awsome Ork warship ( and the two of us are making joke on how the ship and ATHENA will fight each other.

@Lord Gordon - so you want to do a trooper like the ones with the "Tiger Taxi"? I'll see that I get the colors for you.

The Hon. Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

@Lord Gordon - so you want to do a trooper like the ones with the "Tiger Taxi"? I'll see that I get the colors for you.

I hope you can. This is my "examina"!
So long

Colonel_Scipio hat gesagt…

Liaison officers? I guess you mean building up a model in the style of someone else's army then using it as an Orderly or Advisor model? Another brilliant idea - I'm going to look into that. Can't wait to see the marines and navy people!

The Hon. Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

Yes, Colonel Scipio, that´s what we mean !