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Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Rifle Brigade - Regimental Colour - CS Pat Harper [2]

There are the Colour of the Rifle Brigade (former 95th Rifles)

 and the Colour Sergeant and best friend of Major Sharpe, CS Pat Harper (an Hibernian Guy)

I have tried to represent the colors as close as possible to the 60th American Rifles of Wellington's Army in the Penninsular war: green, gray and red. What do you think? Please c&c !!
What about the Colour ?


Colonel_Scipio hat gesagt…

Very nice indeed - you have hinted at the historical link without going over-the-top, which is hard to do! Great stuff! Colour is nice, have you tried using inks to shade it?

The Hon. Lord Gordon hat gesagt…

Now i´m uisng shades. They are very cool. Befor that, i´ve ink all minis.