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Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Special Operation Command Force "Nighthawks"

Good afternoon !

For some time, I think about a special unit. It would be unrealistic to believe that the regiment alone can make such a command.

To add to my enjoyment of collaboration, and even more to bring other aspects, I believe that this command must be founded on diversity.
So I will pick up members from different units, like an penal legion. The members of the special forces are to act as a unit. But they don`t  yet lose there individuality. Has anyone an idea, how i can do this ?
Does anyone want a colaboration in my command?

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Colonel_Scipio hat gesagt…

Yes! I do! That sounds like a really good idea, like an exchange program. Palladian colours are green, with white trim - and they do have Masters of Ordnance. They usually dress in carapace armour (like Cadians).

As for the Spec Ops force - maybe a unit of an Inquisitor and a personal, hand-picked bodyguard? An Inquisitor would have the authority to pick his own men, and you could have one man from each army in the colaboration.

What would be the colours for one of your exchange officers?